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Our Branding Process Part 1: Strategy

Okay, you’ve finally done it. You’ve made the decision. Weeks, months, maybe even years have gone by as you’ve wrestled with this idea in your head, but it’s finally settled. You’ve decided to start your business or maybe the choice was made to go back to the drawing board, embarking on a new direction in your current one. 

Regardless of the situation, you’ve chosen us at Agodie to help bring this to life for you (#BLESSED). What goes into all of this? How do we get from concept to concrete? For us, it all begins with transparency, which is the big energy behind explaining and shedding some light on our branding process. From our initial meeting all the way to your business launch and beyond, we’ll walk you through each step along the journey of creating your brand.

For this 3 part blog series, we will be outlining our process of developing a brand for one of our recent clients.

Client Questionnaire


So, you’ve reached out to us through our site and shared a bit of information about you and your needs. Now that you’ve approved our proposal, we take an even deeper dive and send over a questionnaire that is going to give us all the base knowledge of your business and how it operates. We also ask about stylistic things: stuff to incorporate, stuff to avoid. Once you’ve completed that, we go over it internally before hopping on a call.

Visual Identity Questions + Answers

Initial Call

We talk even more in depth about the questionnaire and chat specifics. All of these questions allow us to get to the essence of your business and the brains behind it as well. Infusing unique characteristics into the brand and connecting you to your audience.

Development of Brand Strategy

We gather our notes from the call, questionnaire, etc. and review them to begin crafting up a brand strategy that will be the solid foundation which the visual identity will be built on. The next step is a competitor analysis. We’ll scour your industry from local competition to corporate players, looking to see what’s working well and what’s causing confusion. We’ll also see what trends to be sensitive to and which ones to traverse past. This is where we detail the ways we can help you differentiate and stand out from the rest. We finalize our brand strategy and share that with you to make sure we are aligned in our vision for your brand.

Brand Strategy Presentation

Our North Star

Now that we have a solid brand strategy it will be our North Star. This is the foundation upon which the creative direction and your aesthetic evolves from. 

If strategy is the north star then part 2: visual identity is the rising sun.