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Our Branding Process Part 3: Rollout

Final(ly) Assets

You’ve approved your visual identity as presented in part 2 of this blog series and it’s time to pass off your final assets. After presenting, we take a few days to clean everything up so that the files are neatly organized and every detail is perfect. Once we have everything ready to roll, we hop on a call to walk you through your final deliverables.

Final Assets Folder

File Types

Every brand package comes with a variety of file types so that you are supported in every use case. These files include EPS, JPG, and PNG. If you’re like WTF is a PNG then don’t worry, we will walk you through that soon.

For Your Reference

Within the final assets you will find a reference folder containing:


These files are important because they ensure consistency in the use of your brand over time. They can be used internally or easily distributed for those outside of your organization to be brought up to speed on all things branding.

Reference folder contents.
Final Asset Inventory (cheat sheet)

Conclusion (what do I do with this thang?)

Our goal throughout this branding process is that this stage doesn’t mark the end of the project, rather the beginning of a partnership with us.  We truly strive to champion your brand by elevating your vision and helping you follow through on your business goals. We want to educate and equip you with all of the tools you need to be your own brand manager, while supporting you in all of your ongoing design needs.

For this particular brand, we moved straight into assisting the client with social media / Canva setup, business cards, and merchandise. 

Although each client we work with may have different touch points, the process for how we get them across the finish line is one in the same. Repeatable process, repeatable results. We’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed this 3 part series highlighting our branding process. Thanks to our awesome clients who we’ve had the pleasure of partnering up with so far, and thanks to many more in the future.