Go Gibbous

Naming + Branding + Social + Print + Merchandise

Defining a brand as the go-to source for blockchain literacy and beyond.


Go Gibbous transcends educational limitations by dissolving technological complexities so that we can envision and catalyze real-world impact. It’s all about fostering an empowered community and inspiring others to “increase towards their full potential” — living the Go Gibbous lifestyle.

The future is paved by new paths of insight and business acumen. Visually breaking things down into geometric shapes, the vision for this futuristic identity begins to take form — block-by-block. When complex concepts can be stated simply, ideas can bridge the gaps in our universe.

Letterforms begin to take shape.


Gibbous comes from astrology when referring to the moon phases. Meaning more than half, but less than the whole. Increasing towards full potential. The addition of the word "Go" is akin to "go Google it". Go Gibbous is an ever increasing amount of blockchain knowledge and a learning lifestyle.

Business cards with asymmetrical curved corners to mimic the asymmetry of the logo mark.

Social Templates

Keeping it fresh on the socials was a must so that this brand could set itself apart as an informative expert in a cluttered space.

Wavy patterns are derived from letterforms in the custom logotype.

A gibbous moon makes the perfect shape for a pop quiz on blockchain knowledge.
Introducing iconography and photography through the lens of brand pattern.

"Agodie far exceeded all of my expectations. Their attention to detail & capacity to synthesize all of my nebulous thoughts & long-term vision into a tangible brand was incredible to witness. I think what impressed me the most was how naturally adaptive Katie & Jon were throughout the process. I expected collaboration, but they took my brand to a degree of abstraction I never imagined by fully-embracing my ideas & allowing them to drive their creative process. Fragments of my vision resonate in every contour, edge, & pigment of their astoundingly-seamless design. The final product was everything I had hoped for & beyond my wildest expectations all at the same time - they just have that "edge" that can't be taught. Working with Katie & Jon was such a unique, complementary, & rewarding experience. I can't wait to partner with them again in the near future!"

- Erin S., Founder