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Implementing a thoughtfully precise visual system for a supply chain management consulting firm with an emphasis on quality.


Pensefox is a supply chain and operations consulting firm, where quality is at the core of everything they do. Assisting those who are experiencing an overall lack of organization takes a keen eye for detail and a calm confidence. A fox must always think outside of the box, implementing seamless solutions from all angles.

A no-fuss fox, a clean crest, and a sophisticated color palette are cornerstones of this visual display of refined reductionism.


A “fox in the box” is an English football term referring to an especially cunning and decisive play-maker in the goal-scoring region. This notion inspired the composition of a “thinking” fox inside of a very clearly defined box. The horizontal lines represent "raising the bottom line" — Pensefox's specialty.

Other than the color orange, what makes a fox, a fox? This was the challenge that presented itself as we explored the other tell-tale characteristics of a fox such as a white-tipped tail, a short snout, and perky ears.

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"I can’t say enough good things about Agodie. They nailed everything I could’ve possibly imagined for my brand, and then some. Agodie was able to dig into my background and skillset, mesh that into my brand identity which gives me the ability to showcase my strengths and talents to my clients in a completely different approach. One of the more impressive things they do are the detailed origins to each part of my brand. From the color patterns to the background story each logo has, all the way down to the cleanliness of the brand’s script and how it represents my own handwriting. The attention to detail is second to none on both the business and creative aspects of the company. I can’t wait to continue the work with this group and excited to see them continue to hit on my vision for Pensefox moving forward."

- David L., Founder